Art Deco Furniture Modern Style

Art Deco Furniture Characteristic

Art deco furniture is the epitome of attractive style furniture! Glamorous mirrors, shiny woods, slick metallic finishes, lush leathers, jewel tones and exotic elaborations are all characteristic of art deco furniture.

Vintage furniture is making a huge comeback and art deco sofas, tables, armoires and chairs are in sizzling demand today. Listed below are the most typical characteristics.

Traits of Art Deco Furniture

Metallic finishes

The Twenties are commonly known as the Machine Age. This is when business and manufacturing saw a huge boom. Factories started pumping out products at lightning speed. The rise of subtle machinery allowed for mass manufacturing of all forms of goods, planes, trains, cars and a multitude of different common every-day products like radios, fridges, lamps, etc. So it’s pure that home furniture would also have a ‘futuristic-machine’ aesthetic. This was most simply achieved through the use of steel accents and finishes.

Luxury Art Deco Furniture Embellishments

Another furniture design pattern that arose throughout the art deco furniture era was luxury embellishment. Art deco furniture pieces would have added accents of luxurious stones, quartzes and jewels. Among the extra popular accents was onyx, jade, ivory and merino glass. Interior accent items like lamps, chandeliers, clocks and radios would contain elements like this as well. All the items collectively would create a very rich, fashionable and splendid total look.

Mirrored Modern Furniture

Art deco furniture model was at its top through the Roaring Twenties. The economic system was flourishing and society started taking a curiosity in luxurious goods. One of the most luxurious and glamorous investment can be mirrored furniture. Espresso tables, dressing tables, dressers and all sorts of other art deco furniture were being manufactured out of mirrors. If that isn’t glamour, I do not know what’s!

Tips for Discovering and Buying Art Deco Furniture

On-line Auctions

The fastest and easiest option to discover authentic antique furniture from the Nineteen Twenties is to do a search on luxury online public sale sites like 1stdibs, Sotheby’s and Christies. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny though. Real vintage furniture will be quite pricey. An Eileen Grey “Dragons” Chair offered for $28 million at an auction in 2009!!

Vintage Furniture Shops

As soon as you’ve exhausted your online search, you possibly can scour antique and vintage stores in your area. Look up furniture store in your native directory and give them a name to see who would possibly focus on vintage furniture. These individuals are usually a wealth of information. If they do not have what you’re on the lookout for, they’ll at the least be capable of steer you in the appropriate course.