Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Bathroom Furniture Vanities

In order to get the most out of the potential of the room, proper bathroom furniture must be added into a bathroom. Choosing furniture for bathroom should consider some elements. The arrangement of all fixtures must create better organization of the room, maximize their function, and also add a superfluous aesthetic element. There are many pieces of bathroom furniture that can be set in the bathroom to achieve those purposes. Some of them that are going to be further explained below are bathroom vanities, linen tower, space savers, corner cabinets or shelves, and hamper. Those are common fixtures installed in a bathroom but often we make wrong type of the fixtures since there are various options available.

Bathroom vanities belong to expensive bathroom furniture. You can actually buy bathroom vanities with less expensive price from a home supply store. They have almost the same appearance as bedroom counterparts, but different in a way that bathroom vanities have plumbing mounted to hold up a sink. Choose bathroom vanity’s color based on your bathroom style. If you apply contemporary design, darker color is most suitable. If you wish for vintage atmosphere, choose lighter colors. Next to the vanity, it is better to put a hamper where you can to keep track of your dirty laundry. Like vanities, a hamper is also bathroom furniture that comes in various color, materials, and finishes. Choose color that blend to the whole bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture Decorate

A linen tower is a chic idea of bathroom furniture. It is not only useful to hang towels but also decorate the bathroom. Thus, pick colors and finishes which match with the sink or vanity so it will look best. A linen tower can come with shelves or even drawer to provide you more spaces for your necessities such as to store towels, robes, and washcloths. This feature is optional. You can install separated shelves if you like. Also, set corner cabinets if you have many things to store. The arrangement of bathroom furniture can’t be separated with the size of the room. Don’t mount too many cabinets and shelves moreover in huge size if you have small bathroom.

Many people like the idea of a space saver. This bathroom furniture piece is set over the toilet to store toilet paper and fresh linens. Some space savers include a small cabinet which make them become more functional bathroom furniture. This cabinet is designed to store feminine articles or medication.