Boys Room Decor Color Combinations Design

Boys Room Decor Painting Color

Boy’s room decor should be presented in dynamic accent. If you intend to apply that theory on your project to make a room for a boy, you are able to start the project with choosing what colors you want to set. Some options that you can choose are blue, lime green, grey, black, and white. Those are masculine colors for boy’s room décor. However, you are able to choose some vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, violet, and purple for your project. No matter what colors you choose, the point here is that your ability to play mix and match game will be challenged. Here are three color combinations that you can apply for the room décor.

First option is black and white combination. Actually, this combination is able to be set for girl bedroom. So, you are challenged to bring this combination to boy’s room décor. You have to put something manly to show that is a man territory. Balls, football player posters, car toys, and other boy accessories are pretty good to put there. You can start by painting the wall with white. Then, paint the inside part of the window frames with black. You are able to set white bed frame completed with black bed sheet for boy’s room décor. For the bed cover and blanket, you can choose those in black with some white accents.

Boys Room Decor Blue and Green

Second option is blue and green combination. Those colors are so manly. To reduce adult accent in your boy’s room décor, you can pain the wall with a dinosaur character. Draw the animal in green. That is wonderful with blue as a background of the room. The next variations for boys room décor, you can set some dinosaur dolls on the sofa available in the room. If you think that the combination is too dark, you can choose white for flooring and bedding. For the pillow sheet, you can set white with some vibrant color motifs.

The last recommended combination is lime green and orange. The combination is so perfect. You do not need to apply some tricks to make the room not look too old for your boy. You do not need to think hard in choosing what kid decorations you gave to set there. You just paint the wall with lime green for boy’s room décor. Then, put orange rug for flooring. For the bedding, choose white bed frame. That color will reduce vibrant accent appearing from the orange bed sheet and green blanket. You can stick some car wall stickers to make the wall livelier for your boy’s room décor.