Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity for Extra Space   

If your bathroom is shared for two or more people, a double sink bathroom vanity is a necessity. Double sink bathroom vanity can make the bathroom routine in the morning easier since it is equipped with extra sink and counter space. It fits in a longer counter space and two bathroom sinks. You can find many styles for sinks and vanities in the market because different people have their own style preference. Whether it is installed in master bathrooms or shared bathrooms, double vanities are always useful. Below are some ideas to set this kind of vanity in you lovely bathroom.
The first ideas go to homeowners who need extra space to store their necessities in the bathroom. For this people, storage double sink bathroom vanity is the great option. This fixture can come with a number of drawers and cabinet doors to put towels, cosmetics, cleaning product, and toiletries out of sight. Double sink bathroom vanity is available with a broad range of colors and finishes. This makes you easy to pick a style that is suitable for the whole bathroom decor. Commonly sinks and vanities belong to expensive bathroom fixtures. However due to many styles available, you can also find the cheap options like high-end marble to Formica counter. Sometimes the sinks are sold separately although built-in sinks basins with porcelain counters are available too. Talking about the sink options, the choices are countless. Some of them are for example vessel bowl sinks, classic white sinks, mosaic-lined sinks, etc.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Antique Style

If you are the fan of antiques, you can create an antique-style bathroom or vintage by reclaiming furnishings to create your double sink bathroom vanity. An antique, such as an old farm table old iron fencing, old sewing table, and antique dresser can be turned into a double sink bathroom vanity. To fit the sinks, cut two holes from the table top. You can create an additional shelf at the bottom as the storage space.
Separation is a good idea of double sink bathroom vanity. Usually double sink bathroom vanity is set on the same counter space as one unit. With the separation idea, the two sinks can be separated to label each person’s space. In order to create continues flowed separation; a shelving unit between the two self-supporting vanity sinks with the same finish can be placed. Another alternative of separation is to install drawers higher than the counter of the sinks in which each person can access the drawers.