Kids Furniture with Colorfull Design

Kids Furniture Boy Bedroom

It has been known that a boy room is identical with something blue. That fact has been shown starting from the time when a mother conducts a baby shower party. She tends to choose blue to tell the guests that the baby is a boy. You can still bring this idea when the baby is being a toddler. Your next task is finding a color or some colors to be combined with blue for kid’s furniture. What color is it? Cream will be perfect to be combined with dark blue. In addition, cream is really good for kid’s furniture.

You can choose navy blue for your boy’s bedroom. He must love it. The color is absolutely brilliant to highlight his adventurous personality. He will think that his private territory is like that Jack Sparrow has. You can start by painting the wall with cream. To make the room not too older for your kids, you can install a navy blue curtain with ball motif. For kid’s furniture bedding, you can choose bed sheet, blanket, pillow sheet, and bolster sheet with the same tone as the curtain. Those will complete your cream kid’s furniture for bed.

Kids Furniture Contemporary Design

Contemporary accent is considered too cold for your toddler boy room. Putting something traditional will be a good alternative for it. Little traditional atmosphere is able to make the room more inviting. You can accomplish the mission by setting cream kids furniture. Besides bedding, you can choose cream chair, cream wardrobe, cream drawers, cream sofa, cream table, and cream photo frame. To cheer up the situation, you can put navy blue decorations to complete kid’s furniture. Besides bedding and curtain, you can set some posters with navy blue tone on your wall. That will be pretty good for your toddler boy bedroom. You can also put navy blue tone on a lamp shade.
If you think that a lamp shade and some posters with navy blue tone are not sufficient to represent that the room is owned by your boy, you can add navy blue rug for flooring decoration to be set under kid’s furniture. Setting some cushions with navy blue sheets on your sofa are also wonderful to make the room livelier. Maybe it is too older for your toddler. Well, you can set a rectangle basket and fill the basket with some navy blue balls as decoration. Then, put the decoration in the corner of your room. It is recommended to put it near the cream kid’s furniture to contrast the color.