Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

The key to the functionality and safety of the bathroom is the proper lighting setting of the bathroom itself. A well-built vanity is supposed to let its user to see themselves in crusty, ordinary light with no shades and with even enlightenment across their face. If you like modern bathroom design, the furniture in the bathroom must be in the same design too. A modern bathroom vanity with appropriate lighting accents can highlight the modern style. There is a particular technique of lighting to generate pleasant mood for the users. Below are the steps to install lighting for the modern bathroom vanity in your lovely bathroom.
First of all, decide on the type of fixture to use. Wall sconces mounted on either side of the mirror of the modern bathroom vanity spreads even illumination across one’s entire face. If the mirror is too large to put up sconces on either side, these fixtures can also be installed on the mirror itself. An overhead fixture can be another alternative for many vanities including modern bathroom vanity. It is characteristically place in the center or on top of the mirror. While not the most favorable option, an overhead fixture can be efficient because it provides wide space to lodge the scones.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Light Bulb

A light bulb is suitable for a modern bathroom vanity. Different bulbs offer different light colors. Some bulbs can deliver an accurate representation of colors while some others can’t. Thus, you need to be selective when choose bulbs for your modern bathroom vanity. Make sure the light from the bulb is adequate to light up the users when they shave, put make up, tweeze, and do other “up-close and personal” tasks in the vanity. Think about the effect that a particular bulb will have on the color representation in the room. For pure and bright light production, you can consider halogen bulbs. In addition, halogen bulbs can last longer than other bulbs, such as luminescent and fluorescent bulbs. Besides, they are also energy-efficient.

Install the fixture at eye level of the users, commonly 60 inches above the floor. In case more than one sconce is used, set them more or less 3 to 3 ½ feet at a distance, based on the size of the mirror of the modern bathroom vanity. If you employ overhead lighting on the modern bathroom vanity, center the fixture only 2 inches above the mirror’s top. Ask help or consult to an electrician or professional if you lack experience and information on installing lighting fixture.