White Bathroom Vanity Antiquing and Remodeling Techniques

White Bathroom Vanity Modern Style

While many people choose white modern vanity for their bathroom, some people choose antique furniture because it will keep stylish forever. However, people also feel reluctant to buy antique bathroom vanities because they are very costly. The solution is to remodel your existing white modern vanity in order to look rustic and old. It means that you don’t need to buy new piece. The process of remodeling and antiquing white bathroom vanity is not as complicated as many people think. Instead, it can be effortless to do. One of the techniques used to antiquing and remodeling white bathroom vanity is to distress it. This process consists of deliberately sanding and denting the paint to generate an aged and worn look. This process can create enduring antique and unique look of the vanity. To do this project, you have to prepare nail, hammer, stain, cloth, 2 paintbrushes, polyurethane sealer, and the most important thing is antique-looking hardware.
After everything is ready, it is time to work on your existing white bathroom vanity. Use the hammer to dissemble the white bathroom vanity. Remove handles, knobs, and anything that can be taken away. Since the sink and countertop can be damaged in this process, remove them too. Use a light chain to hit the vanity to make light, random dents over the piece and sand it using sandpaper. Sand down the doors and drawers and other areas where natural wear may occur. If you have finished sanding the whole part of the white bathroom vanity, step back to check if there are some areas of the white bathroom vanity that need more sanding. After that, simulate worm holes into the wood using nails. Keep in mind that worm holes are usually close each other.

White Bathroom Vanity Antique Model

An antique look of the sanded white bathroom vanity can be created by staining the furniture. Dip a paintbrush lightly in the stain. Apply the stain to the vanity. Rub the white bathroom vanity with a soft cloth right away after it is stained. This aims to make blemished spots throughout the vanity and thin the stain out. Wait for several minutes until the stain thoroughly dry.

In order to seal the finish, apply a thin coat of polyurethane to the white bathroom vanity. Add new hardware (used hardware can be used too) that has a worn or damaged look. You can utilize used hardware from previous cabinets or buy new hardware produced with an antique look. Finally, put back the sink and countertop. Now you have an antique bathroom vanity.